Baby It’s Cold Outside – Penfield Outerwear

(Me in my Penfield coat at a Duck game)

I am constantly looking for a great jacket for Portland that is a blend of fashion and function. This is easier said than done, since we see a steady curtain of rain from November until June with varying temperatures thrown in-between. Not to mention the occasional arctic apocalypse . I have some fantastic wool coats at home, but I think we’re all aware that wool isn’t exactly water repellent fabric, not to mention the scent of wet wool is not appealing. Given my limited budget, I have been searching for something that is an anorak style but actually waterproof. Enter my discovery of the Penfield brand.

Penfield is a Massachusetts company that started in the ’70′s and create pretty classic styles of jackets that just so happen to actually be weather appropriate. I came across this line actually on Madewell, and decided to search further. After looking what felt like forever at different coat options, I settled on the Kasson. While I had a specific style I was searching for, I picked a few of my other fav’s from the Penfield brand below.

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Latest Obsession: Nike FuelBand SE

(Nike FuelBand SE – Rose Gold)
Hello dear readers, I hope you’re surviving this short, abrupt holiday season. I have been feverishly running around this town trying to pull my shopping together in time for Christmas. If you’re like me, you’ve probably also been scrambling for some new, innovative, and thoughtful gifts to give your loved ones. I know one that I have had on my own wish list for quite some time is the new FuelBand, the rose gold FuelBand, to be more specific. I am self-admittedly probably one of the least athletic people you’ll meet, and I’m ok with that.
(Sweatshirt: 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, Denim: Chip & Pepper, Heels: Style & Co., Bag: Michael Kors)

But to that point, that doesn’t mean that I have no interest in leading a healthy lifestyle, tracking my mobility, activity, and having a tool that helps motivate me to move. The newest Nike FuelBand helps track your movement, steps, workout sessions, and tallies up your fuel points for the day so that you can not only remain motivated to outdo your physical activities for the day, but also track improvement. The best part is, with the rose gold finish on it, it’s basically like another piece of jewelry you can wear. In fact, I’d say it’s the most fashionable out of all the fitness tracking devices that are out on the market right now. The full enclosure of the band prevents snagging on your clothes, and despite me having freakishly small wrists, the band fits snug enough and doesn’t seem overwhelming on.
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Professional On The Go


I love blazers, I can’t get enough of them, they’re the perfect way to make any look more polished and pulled together. There’s just something about having a nicely tailored or fitted blazer that adds a level of professionalism to any look as well. There is something to be said for a piece that can make even a logo tee look a little more sophisticated. I have blazers in just about every shade, pattern, texture, and cut, knowing that any type of blazer I purchase, will inevitably be in my wardrobe for years to come. In this particular case, I’ve been obsessing over this Margaret O’Leary blazer since I first saw it in the fall lookbook.

Despite having a large variety of blazers, I have yet to have anything in this color combo. The marigold color mixed with the navy plaid immediately takes me to more of an equestrian theme, if you wore it over a simple fitted white blouse. In this particular case though, I decided to mix this with another pattern, polka dots. Continue reading

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Tuesday Boozeday: The Al Capone


Hello dear readers, can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving already??? I’m struggling to grasp with the fact that this year is already almost over, it went by in a flash. I think we can all share the sentiment that holidays are stressful, and being around the entire family for a prolonged period of time can make you a bit frazzled. Good thing there’s wonderful alcohol to help you get through this holiday season. I originally came across this drink recipe for the Al Capone here, and was immediately intrigued. First of all, I’m obsessed with old mafia history, secondly, any cocktail with Bulleit bourbon and ginger ale is guaranteed to be a favorite in my house.

So I gave it a whirl last night, and it was DELICIOUS! I usually will make tweaks to the recipes I find before I share them on here, but this one was too good the original way. So without further ado, here’s the recipe to make an Al Capone: Continue reading

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In the Mood for Mod


Hello from LA, dear readers!

After what has been a terribly prolonged absence, today I wanted to share with you all a fresh and spunky look of the week. Back in September, I bought a men’s tweed hat from Levi’s on a whim and have been searching for a way to wear it that doesn’t feel overtly masculine or just plain gauche.

I finally found my solution by pairing it with a minimalist wool dress (the perfect piece for staying warm, but dressy throughout the winter months) layered over a basic shirt and paired with an elegant classic–ballet flats. I love that the look comes across as playfully mod, but still tres chic.

I wanted to share this look with you all because it’s an easy, but elegant look to replicate in a pinch–and with basics that many of you have (or should have!) in your closet already. Layer up, throw on a hat and some flats et voila. Better yet–the look is perfect for an office holiday party, or perhaps even a friendsgiving dinner!

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